Bahen Centre for Information Technology

Located on the southwest corner of the U of T campus , the Bahen Centre for Information Technology was completed in April of 2002. Designed by Diamond and Schmitt Architects, the Bahen Centre received several awards such as the City of Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Award [2003][3] and achieved an estimated LEED Silver [6] rating for it’s water efficiency, sustainable site, and indoor air quality. Constructed on an old parking lot and weaved between several historic buildings the Bahen Centre is a green infill project of mass proportions. With over half a million square feet of total area, the Bahen Centre is one of the largest green buildings in Canada. This building draws many of it’s design aspects, including a three story atrium, from both Roman and Renaissance periods. This historical reference is also seen in it’s older neighbour to the south, the Koffler Centre. In fact, the north wall of the Koffler Centre was integrated into the east-west atrium space of the Bahen Centre to create a relationship between the two buildings, and the two era’s. Through the integration of architectural styles, the combination of building materials, and the implementation of sustainable design this “Green Giant”[1] has earned a place in the history of modern architecture.

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North East corner of the building

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