St. James Cathedral

The final and current cathedral of St. James was completed in 1853, although the tower and spire were not added until 1874. The church was designed by architect Frederick Cumberland. The building is constructed of white brick, as was requested by the committee. The church sits on the corner of Church and King Streets. The cathedral faces south onto king street with a noticeable main entrance which is located directly beneath the main tower and spire. The main entrance is easily distinguishable, it is the largest opening and the large wooden doors are deeply recessed, creating a large entranceway. There are four porches which allow secondary entrances into the building, two located on the east and two on the west, entering into the east and west vestibules and the transepts. The smaller porches follow the same rhythm of the main entrance but on a smaller scale, the doors are not deeply recessed and the openings are significantly smaller, easily identifying them as secondary entrances. Cumberland uses massive buttresses topped by pinnacles to accent and bring out the other brick elements such as the corbel tables, pilaster strips and recessed panels enclosing triple lancets. The large buttresses become narrow at the transitional points and end in pinnacles. The interior of St. James is very large, with the pews running on either side of the central aisle. The side aisles are very spacious and reveal the lowered transepts, they allow circulation to become easier. There are two organs at the end of each side aisle, and one very large organ located above the entrance to the nave. Along the east side aisle there are rectories dedicated to those who have served the church and been a large part of its growth as a parish. Along the eastern side aisle is a secondary entrance which has small sanctuaries and relics and opens out onto a small porch. The church is divided into six bays of widely spaced clusters of columns. The roof of the nave reveals the large tie-beams of the timbered ceiling.

St. James Cathedral

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Cody Loeffen
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