St. Lawrence Hall

William Thomas (c.1799-26 December 1860) was an architect of both England and Canada. He immigrated to Toronto with his wife and 10 children from Leamington Spa, England due to the economic crisis in 1837(Parks Canada). After his emigration to Toronto, his career as a city engineer and architect was prospered. One of his well recognized successful works in architecture after his settlement is St. Lawrence Hall.

 Thomas’ work was undoubtedly influenced by 16th-century Italian Renaissance architecture, the central Roman temple that consists of the pediment, four engaged Corinthian columns, and the three arches underneath very  closely resemble the work of an Italian Classist architect Andrea Palladio. The symmetrical composition of building elements is also a defining characteristic of Renaissance architecture.

The Renaissance Revival was a clear goal of William Thomas, however, the Hall reinterpreted the Italination with Vernacular and contemporary manner. St. Lawrence Hall is designed in a Victorian composition with a French mansard roof due to abundant amount of snow in Ontario. The ornamental cupola on top of the man hall is another denotement of the Hall.


Parks Canada, . “Cultural Toronto.” Toronto National Historic Sites Urban Walks. Parks Canada, 22 May 2008. Web. 15 Oct 2010.
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