Pure Spirits Buildings – Distillery District


In 1873 the construction of the Pure Spirits building and the Cannery was complete. The construction of these buildings was part of the second phase of construction. The buildings were located on the eastern side of Trinity street, and are rumored to be decorative because of the proximity to William Gooderham’s office which was located across the street. The architect is not well documented but it is assumed that David Roberts, Jr. because during this time his father, which was the primary architect for the Gooderham and Worts building complex, had moved to a farm in Elgin County. This was likely David Roberts, Jr.’s first work. Although, there were no features, such as dentils, that was distinct to their facade designs. “The buildings are linked physically, functionally, and architecturally”.


The Pure Spirits building is visually imposing because of its height in relation to the surrounding buildings. The scale of the building compared to the adjacent buildings led me to believe that it was an important building. It is located only a few meters from the brick road casting a large ominous shadow during the morning hours. Also, the building is raised a step above the sidewalk. The typical use of brick makes the building fit with the surrounding complex of buildings, although the extensive use of glass makes it unique to the complex.

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