Roy Thomson Hall – 2

Exterior view from the west side

Roy Thomson Hall is located downtown in the City of Toronto, Ontario on a 2.5 acre site bounded by the streets King, Simcoe and Wellington, where the impressive structure rests for its duration.¹ The building houses a concert hall directly in the centre of the circular canopy and is home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir.² The building itself was completed construction in September, 1982 and designed by the architect Arthur Erickson accompanied by Mathers and Haldenby Associated. Roy Thomson Hall immediately earned a reputation as being one of the great modern buildings of the time, as well as having a reputation as a building with the worst acoustics of the time.³

The building was later renovated in 2002 by Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg (KPMB) architects with the intention of enriching the acoustical qualities in

Interior view from the upper balcony

 hopes of becoming one of the best acoustical halls in the world. Currently, Roy Thomson Hall is still a striking building and is the home to many new up and coming Canadian and International performers of the 21st century.




¹ “Award of Excellence.” Canadian Architect Dec. 1977: 18-21. Print.

² ”Award of Excellence.” Canadian Architect Dec. 1977: 18-21. Print.

³ Blum, Andrew. “Toronto’s KPMB renovates the interior of Roy Thomson Hall to the chagrin of its original designer, Arthur Erickson.” Architectural Record Nov. 2002: 34. Print.

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