Sony Centre For The Performing Arts

Name of architect and other members of the professional team (consultants):

Designs of Earle C. Morgan in association with the Toronto firm of Page and Steele and its chief designer, Peter Dickinson with Eggers and Higgins of New York as consultants.

Name of the client:

The O’Keefe Brewing Company owned the building and land.

Date of design:


Date of construction / completion of project:

October 1,1960

The Sony Centre is a major performing art centre located on 1 Front Street East in Toronto. It is a symbol of modern designing on its style in 1960. The Sony Centre is a regularly organized shape with planar surfaces. The grey concrete and the dark accent material (in this case brass), is a signature of the late 60’s and 70’s modernist architecture in Toronto, a signature that is shared by many architectural landmarks of the city such as the [new] City Hall and the CN Tower. Another interesting aspect is the process of adding the L Tower to the Sony Centre, which will bring a new face of the place to the modern time. A combination of modernism in 1960 and 2012.


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– Sam Salari

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