The Bata Shoe Museum

Requested by Sonya Bata who had been painstakingly gathering a special collection of artifact since 1940s, Raymond Moriyama, a Japanese-Canadian architect took the responsibility of designing and construction of Bata Shoe Museum project after meeting Mrs. Bata and her collection. The building is 3 stories above ground and 2 underground which is made out of limestone covered by a clad lid plane as the roof to protect the historical treasures. The idea came from the shoeboxes that were protecting the shoes from the dust and light. The transparent entrance is also another interesting point of the building looking like it is sticking out of the hinged walls facing north. The reason of the hinged walls was to create more space for the pedestrians. The building is blending in with the surrounding buildings because of the colors of the limestone and is giving the last touches of class to the neighborhood.


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