The Carlu

Located on the seventh floor of the College Park Complex, The Carlu stands out amongst the other newly build Structures because of it’s heavy limestone, Tyndall stone and granite facade (Toronto) and it’s copper detaining. The Carlu was designed by French Architect, Jacques Carlu (Chodikoff, 32) for Eatons. The complex was the only part completed of a much larger scaled project that was planned to be built. Opening in 1931, The Carlu stood out because of it’s Art Moderne style and is now considered to be one of the best surviving samples of the style left in Canada (Toronto). The interior features polished marble and monel steel (Chodikoff, 33) to create geometric shapes in the detailing of the building. The venue was originally used a leisure space for Trontonians during the day, with a dinning hall and seating areas and a formal entertainment area at night. The space also featured one of the most acoustically advanced concert halls of the time (Chodikoff, 37). After Eatons sold the building in the 1970s, The Carlu became neglected and left unused for 27 years (Chodikoff, 34). In 2001, a major restoration process was planned and new tenants for the space, Jeff Roick and Mark Robert (Chodikoff, 34), were found. The Carlu now functions as a special events venue and is divided into several unique rooms for entertaining; the concert hall, the Round Room, the Sky Room and the Clipper Rooms. The rest of the College Park Complex functions as retails space, the Provincial Court, a food court and an entrance to the subway. The exterior of the building features large windows surrounded by granite and limestone bricks on the main floor. It is separated from the second floor with an entablature. Large pilaster columns extend from the second floor to the fifth floor creating nine bays with three sets of windows in each bay. The columns are capped with another entablature and copper trim. The seventh floor is set back from the rest of the facade and is decorated with medallions and more decorative stonework.


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