Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower

The Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower, located at 66 Wellington Street, is one of the six office towers that make up the TD Center.  The tower was one of the three originally conceived buildings that were proposed by famous International Style Architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. [1] The TD Centre was commissioned to display TD bank`s status as a prominent bank in Canada. In order to achieve this the largest land assembly in Toronto`s history was needed. [2] The Center would be built on a site that previously held the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Bank of Toronto Building. The TD Bank Tower was completed in 1967 and was the first to be constructed. [3] The design was composed of a 1.5 m square grid that decided all elements big and small. The building itself was designed so its height is proportional to its width. [1] The towers included in the complex are designed to be offset from the street edge. This interrupts the wall created by the other surrounding buildings.[4] It also allows for a plaza to be placed in front of the towers, which sets up for a oasis in Toronto`s downtown core. Another important element in the design of the structure was the use of line. All lines used in the complex have a purpose and can be followed from the horizontal lines created by the plaza tiles, to the vertical lines created by the black steel columns of the tower. [5] Along with steel Mies also used the materials of glass and concrete for the flooring. [1] Once completed the Towers dominated the Toronto skyline and though taller buildings have been built since, the TD Bank tower still plays a prominent role in the image of Toronto.

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Ryan Giuricich

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