60 Richmond Street East Housing Co-operative

Main Entrance

The 60 Richmond East Housing Coop was designed for the relocation of residents during the Regent Park redevelopment project. Teeple architects set out to create a low-income residential tower that would one day result in a self-sustaining community for residents. Every aspect of the design was focused around sustainability and the creation of a sense of community.

With the implementing innovative passive design strategies, the building has received LEED Gold Certification. Some of these strategies include a rain screen, low-E argon-filled windows, re-use of the existing foundation for shoring, the use of local materials and products, rainwater collection and reuse, natural lighting and ventilation, green roofs and living walls, and low-energy transportation strategies (“Award of Excellence: 60 Richmond” 30). Due to the central atrium that runs from the second floor to the roof, all of the spaces receive natural light and ventilation, improving the indoor quality of the entire building. Extending up the atrium is a trellis that branches off into the courtyard. The trellis will accommodate a living wall, which, along with the gardens in the courtyard, will house herbs and vegetables to be used in the restaurant on the ground floor. The kitchen, in turn, will donate its compost and organic waste to be used as fertilizer for the growing soil (No Mean City). All of the roofs are green spaces, which not only provide thermal insulation but also absorb storm water. The overflow is stored in a cistern tank and then used to irrigate the gardens and living wall. Finally, they have designed limiting parking spaces in an attempt to increase the use of more energy-efficient transportation such as walking, biking and public transit. All of this has been implemented in order to improve the quality of life of the residents and also the surrounding environment.


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