The National Ballet School of Canada was founded in 1959 by two English dancers, Betty Oliphant and Celia Franca. As the school began to grow with its academic program and become a well established and prestigious ballet school, there was a need for an expansion. Thus Project Grand Jete began as the schools expansion project with a $100 million budget. In 2007, the structure was finally completed and composed of three main structures, the Celia Franca Centre which contains a curtain wall with the opening scene of the Nutcracker engraved into the glass panels, a “Bar” building, and a six storey “North Tower” building, which consist of 3 large studio spaces, each stacked on top of the other. The whole composition of the site weaves together beautifully since the school’s structure is able to incorporate the heritage buildings that surround it on Jarvis Street. The combination of these Victorian buildings with the contemporary architecture of the ballet school creates an interesting composition. This site is the perfect way of depicting Toronto’s architecture in a single structure by showing how all of Toronto is comprised of old and new architecture knitted together. The entire structure is composed of glass panels put together to create floor to ceiling windows, allowing the passersby on Jarvis Street to get a glimpse of the art of ballet, and brining the beauty of dance to the street.

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