Bata shoe museum

At 327 Bloor Street West, in Toronto
 Ontario, Raymond Moriyama designed a “small gem of a museum” for his client Sonja 
Bata. The Bata Shoe Museum is a truly unique structure in the city of Toronto.
 It is a welcomed change from the rectilinear norm of the buildings that fill
 the City. At the museum’s entrance, a two-storey transparent glass wedge breaks
 the limestone wall in two and spills out onto the sidewalk. This bold statement
 acts as a welcoming gesture that cannot be missed by pedestrians. The buildings unique angles and lines create a very intriguing play of light, shade, and
 shadow on the Museum’s street-facing walls. Clad in a French limestone with a
 soft, warm tone, the walls respond dramatically to changing light conditions
 throughout the day and year. Raymond Moriyama designed the museum with a
 shoebox in mind; the proportions and building itself resemble some of the 
proportions and ideas of a shoe container. The copper roof is the metaphorical
 lid of a slightly open container and the overall appearance follow the 
proportions of Sonja Bata’s shoeboxes.

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