Canada’s National Ballet School

The National Ballet School of Canada (NBS) is an elite program through which numerous world leading dancers, teachers, and choreographers have graduated from. Not only is the NBS well known for its successful dance curriculum but its architectural form captures visitors attention. Composed of 4 main building masses, NBS successfully incorporates its new expansion, the Celia Franca Centre, with its renovated heritage buildings.

Located on 400 Jarvis street, the building faces onto the busy street with tall glass structures, creating connections with the exterior and the interior. Project Grand Jete, the expansion plan for the Celia Franca Centre was designed and executed by Kuwabara Payne Mckenna Blumberg Architects. In collaboration, the Goldsmith Borgal & Company, executed the restoration and redesign of the heritage buildings. The NBS, in cooperation with the Radio City, condominium buildings that are built in the shared site, helps revitalize the neglected area along Jarvis.



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