Dundas Square

Yonge – Dundas Square is one of the most significant place of Elm Street which is located on the intersection of Yonge and Dundas Streets, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Yonge-Dundas square is usually known as Dundas square and it is the top ten place that represents Toronto downtown. Dundas Square is a commercial public place that has the busiest intersections in Toronto. The city of the Toronto owns the properties of Dundas square. Dundas square is designed by Brown+Storey Architects, and it has been opened to the public since November, 2002.
In 1996, Toronto city government launched Yonge and Dundas competition because of six factors that the city of Toronto as the government recognized its potential to grow and its need to be developed. The six key factors are the opportunity to create a new, high-image place at the unofficial heart of Toronto, the opportunity to maximize prime street retail locations, the opportunities to improve public amenities, benefits and parking facilities, the highest pedestrian count of any Yong street intersection, a gateway to the Toronto Eaton Centre and Ryerson University, and it has subway and path connections underground. The architect company Brown+Storey Architects won the competition using concept of open square (piazza) which It is not a park, but a just gathering place.

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