Humber College North Campus Library

Humber College North Campus Library has been important icon that reflects the ideal image of Humber. Humber was built in 1989 at 205 Humber College Blvd, Etobicoke, Ontario during a mass construction plan. Robert Squee Gordon who took place in the President Office at Humber expanded the school with a new library, new Technology Building and Day Care Centre during 1989. (Karapita 111). The library symbolizes the nature of Business and progression of Humber’s Technology. But the real treasure was from the students and faculty members who supported the school through many years of development. Their bond expanded Humber into becoming a more modernistic form.  The structural element of steel, glass and concrete brought out the beauty of Humber library design. The scale of the library was rather small in area but it height was 5 storey tall. The location of Humber was on top of a hill which was a significant focal point where it obtained great sunlight and view. Humber College Library signify as the main core that bonds the campus and its students together.

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2 Responses to Humber College North Campus Library

  1. Rebecca says:

    I was wondering if you would be able to tell me where you accessed that image of the North Campus Library. I am working on a project and am looking for nice images of the Humber’s North Campus. Any help you can provide would be great, as I have been having some trouble finding a nice high resolution image that would suit my needs.
    Thanks so much!

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