New City Hall

This is an image of Viljio Revell's winning design model.

Toronto’s New City Hall located on 100 Queen Street West is actually Toronto’s fourth city hall. The New City Hall was built in order to replace the former city hall due to a shortage of space. In 1958 an international architectural competition was launched by Mayor Nathan Phillip in order to find a design for the New City Hall. This competition was won by the Finnish architect Viljio Revell whose winning proposal came first amongst submissions from forty-two countries. Viljio Revell’s winning design for the New City Hall was very modern for the thriving city of Toronto. Even decades after its construction, it still remains as a piece of futuristic architecture. Unfortunately Viljio Revel died a year before the New City Hall was completed.   Viljio Revell’s unique design consisted of twin towers surrounding a white disk like council chamber which is mounted on a raised platform with entrances located below, that are open to the public. There is also a ramp located on the left side of the front entrance that connects to the platform and also leads to the council chamber. The two towers are of unequal height as the east tower is taller than the west. The facades of the twin towers are ribbed with concrete only on the convex surface while the concaved facades are lined with glass windows and marble panels. The large scale of the two towers give the structure a sense of monumentality, as their unique curvatures and height contrast with the surrounding buildings. The saucer-like dome and its surrounding curved towers give the structure a modern aesthetic appeal. The City Hall is nicknamed “The Eye of the Government” because it resembles a large eye in a plan view.

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