Old City Hall

Toronto’s Old City Hall is a fundamental piece of the city’s architectural history.  Architect E.J. Lennox was commissioned by the city to design the new building for city hall.  It took Lennox 3 years to design the Romanesque Revival building, and construction lasted for 11 years.  Upon completion, total cost of the project hit over $2.5 million, astronomically higher than the budgeted $600,000.  The building was constructed almost entirely out of sandstone.  It features two different types of sandstone, one light-brown, coming from Ontario, the other dark brown, coming from New Brunswick.  The buildings massiveness can be directly attributed to the raw state the stone is in, as well as the buildings axial symmetry and castle-like geometry.  The building is highly ornamented with patterns and grotesques, a feature prominent in Romanesque style buildings.  Currently, the Hall is used purely as a courtroom, however the 67 years this building served the people of Toronto is deeply engrained in the city’s rich history, preserved in the recognized Historical Site, of Old City Hall.


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