Roy Thomson Hall was built in 1982. it is the cultural and architectural icon in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district. managed by the corporation of Massy Hall and Roy Thomson Hall, it is the home to the TSO Toronto symphony orchestra and Toronto Mendelssohn choir.  The building is named Roy Thomson because of the 4.5 million donation from the Thomson family  the architects are: Arthur Erickson, Theodore J. Schultz, Beranek and Newman Inc. it houses one of the most important and magnificent musical instruments an organ built by Gabriel Kney which is the center piece of the auditorium.

Roy Thomson Hall is one of the best  architectural works of Arthur Erickson. It holds a great architecural and cultural value to the people of Toronto, and it is one of the best concert halls in Canada perhaps in the world. with its unique modern design featuring  the curved glass curtain wall in its elliptical shape sitting on a concrete square in the middle of Toronto’s famous entertainment district makes it beautiful landmark that reflects the cityscape during the day, and light house that brightens the streets and night.

by Jad Joulji

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