St. Andrews Lutheran Church

St. Andrews Lutheran church is loacted on Jarvis and Carlton street and was purchased by Estonian and Latvian immigrants from the original congregation. the building was established in 1878 after the small sixty some odd members of the congregation moved with their new pastor Rev. G.M. Milligan moved from their previous location at the original St. Andrews Church. The church is located next to Allan park in an area surrounded by 3-5 storey buildings. St. Andrews is a tall 2 storey building with two tall towers on the western end. The towers are 42 meters and 26 meters in height and the main building stands at 17 meters from the ground to the top of the pitch, the main section of the building is roughly 25 meters wide and 36 meters long. The church is built in a gothic style with tall, narrow, pointed arch windows; the church also follows the same basic principles in the sense that the church runs on a east-west axis with towers located on the west end with the main entrance. The open east end of the church allows for maximum light penetration into the worship space during the morning hours when the service would take place. The stain glass windows are in groupings of three on the north, east and southern exposures, this correlation is to draw reference from the holy trinity, the father, the son and the holy spirit. The Facade of the building is of a very simple design but is effective and attractive none the less.

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