St. Lawrence Market (South)

The St. Lawrence Market is located on the corner of Front st. and Jarvis st. in Toronto Ontario. The St. Lawrence Market is mostly comprise of red brick, yellow brick, white stone, metal and some wood.  It is approximately  4 stories tall.  Reinforced piers surround the building to help support the trusses and beams inside that in turn support the massive roof.  The openness of the vertical interior space is on of the iconic traits of the St. Lawrence Market.

The building’s original use was not to be a farmers market, but to be Toronto’s City Hall. You can still a part of it as it is the centre portion of the facade (the yellow brick framing the white stone) In 1899, city hall had moved to what is now known as “Old City Hall” which is located at Bay st. and Queen st.  The renovation of the St. Lawrence Market gave  its iconic roof shape and form.  In 1971 the planning board of Toronto decided to demolish the St. Lawrence Market, but a massive public outcry saved the building and with funding from all three levels of government, the first renovations had begun by cleaning the facade, replacing the roof and reinforcing the brick piers. The St. Lawrence Market is one of Toronto’s oldest and most valued buildings and continues to support and function society in a meaningful and purposeful way.

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