St.Lawrence South Market

The St. Lawrence Market (South) located at 92 Front Street, is one of the city’s oldest neighborhood. Currently, it is one of major market in Toronto’s downtown core. It remains over 50 vendors selling fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses on the lower and first level to providing goods and services. The building also has The Market Gallery operate by City of Toronto on the second floor and a cooking school (market kitchen) on the mezzanine floor. This building was first built in 1845 as the first City Hall of Toronto with Council Chamber on second floor, Police Station #1 and a jail house on both ground and basement level. It was designed by English Architect Henry Bowyer Lane which he also designed Little Trinity Church in 1843, Holy Trinity Church in 1847 and expansion of Osgood Hall in 1844. Henry incorporated his design with Georgian tradition style using white stones and red brick wall. A “cupola” was built on top front side of the building with a clock to emphasize aesthetic view.

In 1899, city of Toronto decided to vacate the facility and move to a next city hall located on Queens and Bay Streets designed by E.J Lennox. However a municipality and market commissioners decided to renovate the old city hall into a large marketplace. John William Siddall was the selected next architect for this project. John decided to demolish the cupola, the pediment and the side wings. The new steel trusses roof was proposed about 105 m long and 53 m wide covered entire building structure, allowing more open space with high ceiling and more light into space.

Today’s South St.Lawrence Market is the result of the last renovation took place in 1977. Once completed the all the major renovation and changes made to this building, the City of Toronto put effort to preserve this property as city’s prominent historical piece.


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