The Gooderham Building

The Gooderham’s or Flatiron building which is located at Front and Wellington streets, is the very first Flatiron building built in North America. Commissioned by George Gooderham, it was built by architect David Roberts Jr. in 1891. After George Gooderham’s death it was declared to be an official Ontario Heritage property. The wedge-shaped structure creates an illusion of being a real wedge to the two high-rise buildings when standing in front of the building. Its beautiful ornaments and subtle red brickwork create a picturesque view with contrasting cold, black fire stairs, and green cupolas on the rooftops. With its linear pattern of fenestration distributed equally on all floors, it conveys a light feeling of a corporate office building. Gooderham’s building is set on a high foundation that raises half a story above the ground, thus making the building only four and a half storeys high. These days it is still being used as an office building, with the ground floor transformed into pub Flatiron and Firkin.



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