Umbra Concept Store

Toronto Architecture
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Umbra Concept Store

       The Umbra Concept Store that is located just north of Queen Street West on John Street within the downtown core of Toronto and is constructed in 2007 in a modern architectural style. The first thing that captures your attention when approaching the structure is the flamboyant, translucent bright pink vertical bands that wrap a glass structure positioned on the corner of a side street, surrounded by monotone brick construction. In comparison to the surrounding architecture the building is considerably smaller. The building is three stories tall although the vertical pink band, top heavy floor to floor proportions, and transparent curtain wall panels give it the illusion of a taller building. The overall axis of the structure is predominantly vertical with a centralized plan. Through analysis of the floor plan, the building in plan is a rectangle with a smaller rectangle offset to the middle that is positioned off center towards the main elevation. It is geometrically square and linear with no use of arcs or round shapes. An arc is only used for aesthetic values for example the lighting fixtures or most importantly the pink cladding. The profile is planar with soft /sleek touches provided by color, material, position and shape. The proficient use of material choice and proportions to create an atmosphere of deception as well as comfort is an architectural accomplishment.

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