Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building

Located on the northwest corner of University Avenue and College Street, Foster and Partners’ Leslie Lee Dan Pharmacy Building is a state-of-the-art facility that can accommodate more than 1,000 pharmacy students. It is the largest pharmacy faculty in Canada built for multi-functional purposes. There are several reasons that gave birth to the Pharmacy Building project. First, the University of Toronto demanded an elegant building so as to highlight the entrance to the campus. Second, the original buildings were undersized in terms of lecture rooms, laboratories, and other functional spaces. There was a convincing need to provide sufficient space for the current and the increasing number of students. Third, classrooms, research and administrative space, practice labs, and library were spread throughout the university campus; therefore, it was necessary to organize and centralize them in one building to allow the students to manage their time more efficiently. By lifting the bulk of the building with series of slender concrete columns, Foster and Partners has created a unique corner condition. The most dynamic space that attracts attention happens on the ground level in the main atrium. It features extraordinary egg-shaped “pods” that appear as if they are floating freely. Akin to any other building, Foster and Partners’ Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building is not only an object built to fulfill its purpose, but an entity which reflects time and place. The Pharmacy building, which has become one of the landmarks in Toronto, mirrors the era of modern culture as well as the general trend in architecture.

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