The Bata Shoe Museum

The Bata Shoe Museum was conceived by Sonja Bata, the wife of shoe lover Thomas J Bata, and was the beginning of an iconic, historical, and cultural establishment in the development of Toronto as a city and the history, celebration, and understanding of shoes in its various context, styles, and forms as viewed around the world. The intension of the museum was to provide, through its collection, knowledge and understanding of the numerous functions and responsibilities of footwear and its relationship and development socially and culturally. The dedication and devotion of the museums resources to the diverse histories and cross-cultural life of shoes is exemplified when reading the visual form and charisma of the museum’s architectural expression. The museum aesthetically becomes apart of the display of works and engages with the theme of shoes initially from the exterior and consistently through space and interior form. Raymond Moriyama, the architect of The Bata Shoes Museum, was initially challenged to create a building which would define and articulate his experience of the collection which he saw prier to his design process. In trying to reiterate his experience in others the design of the museum came to life.

by: Lydon Whittle

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