The Gooderham ‘Flatiron’ Building

Toronto possesses a diversity of attractive and interesting places for tourists from around the world. One of those dramatic, stunning and unexpected places is the historic Gooderham Building. Since this ‘flat-iron’ architectural form cannot be found easily, the historic Gooderham Building is protected under a City By-law under the Ontario heritage Act. Similarly, the New York City has a famous Flatiron Building which was built 10 years later. Its unique narrow wedge shape provides it the name called the Flatiron Building commonly. This building is already known well as a historical landmark in Toronto. David Roberts, the architect of the building has compromised to the irregular triangular shaped at the apex of Front, Church and Wellington streets, 49 Wellington Street East in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Also, this site is right on the edge of the city’s financial district surrounding by the Market Square Condominiums, the A.E. Le Page Building, the towers of the Royal Bank Plaza and of the IBM building in the T-D Centre, and the CN Tower. The Gooderham Building is in the dramatic skyline of Toronto bringing tourists to a stop for pictures very frequently. One of the reasons that many people visit the Gooderham ‘Flatiron’ Building is the interesting mural painted on the west wall of the building. It faces to Berczy Park, a place providing people energy and liveliness.

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