The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum  is amongst  the largest museums in  North America.It is situated  north of Queen’s Park and east of Philosophers walk  with its  main entrance  facing Bloor Street in Downtown Toronto. The original building was designed by Toronto Architects  , Frank Darling and  John A Pearson in 1910-1912 and opened its doors on march 14,1914.  Alfred H.Chapman  and James Oxley designed the first addition to the museum in 1933. The newest expansion  to the ROM was in 2007 designed by polish architect Daniel Libeskind. This new building was named after  Michael-Chin Lee who donated 30 million dollars towards its construction. The ROM houses various galleries ranging from world cultures to fossils and  mineral specimens.


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One Response to The Royal Ontario Museum

  1. Bobby6 says:

    The world of architecture has always used to mirror the way human society evolves. The low-energy class and sky-high buildings of simple geometric shapes are the new “cathedrals and castles”. They became symbols of wealth and success in architecture of today. Thanks to many world-famous architects like Daniel Liebeskind or Frank Gehry, Toronto has proved its top position in the world-class architecture. Regarding the article Toronto experiences its “golden age” in this branch of art and engineering and became mecca of design and new architecture trends. The Royal Ontario Museum is a good example of that. It’s truly a masterpiece with respect to its modern, unique and refreshing design.

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