Claude Watson School for the Arts

The Claude Watson School for the Arts is a hidden gem in the North York Toronto area. The building seats boldly off the intersection of Yonge st and Spring Garden ave and adjacent to the high rise booming development condos which arguably might have influenced its character as will be discussed . The building was constructed in 2007 and designed by Kohn Shnier Architects for the Toronto District School Board. The building is sited alongside a suburban secondary road which is adjacent to high density, high rise residential buildings. In response, the project is a simple and compact form with a strong street presence while presenting an image of performance and accessibility.

Sited adjacent to a low density suburban neighbourhood and high density, high-rise residential buildings, the simple and compact form of Claude Watson School for the Arts respectfully maintains a strong street presence at a variety of scales.

The design garbs attentions with the aluminum braise soleil hexagonal structure of the facade which at first glance could be read as a giant honey comb. The character of the facade becomes more interesting with the projection of a floating volume (third floor) with pilotis reminiscent of Le Corbusier Villa Savoye Facade and entrance. This projecting volume creates a shaded open space with stairs that form entrance design.

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