Royal Ontario Museum

  The Royal Ontario Museum bieng one of the greatest diverse buildings existing in toronto, reflects on four different styles of architecture. The Italiante, Gothic Revival,  Byzantine architecture and the modernist are the four major architectural style that coherence in the design. The Museum is located on the corner of Queen’s Park and Bloor Street in downtown Toronto. The Museum was built in 1914 with five major alterations and expansion throughout its history, the Crystal bieng its last one in 2007. Each alteration and expansion reveals a cultural, economical and architectural change in the history of the city and society. The older herritage building’s initial H shaped master plan was designed by the architects Frank Darling and John A. Pearson. The main entrance to the resturant and new galleries take place on bloor street. Additianally the Crystal is made up of five crystalized segments where come together as a whole to shape a diomond in essence. The scale of the building is fairly large, however, due to its geographical context and surrounding skyscrapers there is a drawback on the sense of scale and porportion. Despite the critics view the building is a vary of many different architectural elements which reflect on many cultures and interests.

Architects: Frank Darling and John A. Pearson , Alfred Chapman, Gene Kinoshita, Daniel Libeskind

Location: Corner of Queens Park and Bloor Street, Toronto, Ontario

Work Sited: 

Browne, Kelvin. Bold Visions: The Architecture of the Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum, 2008. Print

Dickson, Lovat. The Museum Makers: The Story of the Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1993.

Toronto Star: Inside the ROM crystal; June 1, 2007

By: Pouya Pak


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